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Welcome to the part of the website dedicated to my galeries.
Presented on this page with nine principal themes, discover in a few clicks all the Creations Artis'Allan's passions.During your visit, with the parchment on your left hand side, you can choose what aspect of my Artwork you would like to see. You can also find the same themes on this page when you click on the images below.

 Ballpoint pen Drawings ...

Stylo bille Galerie des dessins surréaliste - Galerie des animaux au stylo bille La galerie de l'Art celic au stylo bille

 ... and all Médiums :

- Emma Watson - ajouté le 24/09/07 - Les Crayons peinture BD

 My Hobbies :

Sculptures Modèles Réduits Réparations Figurines