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Who am I ?


Welcome. My name is Allan Barbeau and I was born in La Rochelle, in France. I learnt the basic techniques of drawing and painting with an old School of Art teacher.
Since then, I have kept on developing my skills in different types of Art and devise my own technique for some medium.
I have also learnt various techniques from my professional experiences.

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 few date

In Ireland

April 25th 2009: - Ballpoint pen demonstration at The Kennedy Gallery.
From 3 Dec 08 to 31 Jan 09 : - Ballpoint pen exhibition during the Christmas Show at the Kennedy Gallery.
06th September 2008: - Ballpoint pen demonstration at The Kennedy Gallery.
24th June to 31 August 2008 : - Exhibition "Summer group show 2008" at The Kennedy Gallery
25th February 2005 : - 1st place winner of the Irish Mirror's Paint Your Favorit Celebrity competition
2002 : - 10 pages Illustration for the comics "Havoc21" ( issu5) Wolfman production Ireland.

In France

28th July to 03 August 2008 : - Place aux Artistes - Exhibition, demonstration and ballpoint workshop
04th Oct to 05th Nov 2007 : - Exhibition at the Fouras casino
03th to 26th August 2007 : - Exhibition "Métamorphose" at the ancien marché de l'Arsenal of la Rochelle.
01st to 04th August 2007 : - Place aux Artistes "artistique week" at Surgère.
14th of July 2007 : - Journée "Nieulle en Fête" - Exhibition at the salle des fêtes of Nieulle sur Seudre.
09th June 07: - Xth day of the street painter of la Rochelle.
02th May 07 : - Juridique Creation of my busness "Créations Artis'Allan"

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